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Pilot Training In Delhi

Pilot Training in Delhi is growing rapidly within the higher education sector. Many universities around the nation now offer degree level courses in aviation. Delhin pilot qualifications are internationally recognised and highly regarded which has advanced airways systems that prepare students for an airline career. Starting their aviation career in Delhi is a decision which will fulfil and meet your desire and hope. Delhi has excellent weather, friendly people, very favourable exchange rates, and high quality educational opportunities which is one of the top choices for launching your flying career. So, if you are looking for the best pilot training school in Delhi, then this is the right place for you.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of a Class 1 CASA Aviation Medical
  • English Language Proficiency (Please see Below for Full Details)
  • Have Completed at least Equivalent of Delhin Year 10 of High School (The 4th Year of Secondary College/High School)
  • Be 18 Years of age by Course Commencement
  • Be willing to undergo an Delhin Federal Police check for issue of your Aviation Security Identity Card

Pass Marks

The pass marks for the CPL exams are 70%, except for the Flight Rules and Air Law exam where it is 80%.

Required Skill Set For Pilot Training

To become a pilot, candidates must be medically and physically fit. Along with this, candidates must possess certain qualities and skills to face the responsibilities of being a pilot. In addition to academic knowledge to be a good pilot, students must possess the following skills:

  • Must be physically fit and have good eyesight.
  • Strong technical skills
  • Mentallyalert and have emotional stability in times of crisis.
  • Critical thinking and decision - making
  • situational and environmental awareness
  • Good Sense of teamwork
  • leadership quality
  • Good Communication Skills
  • High - level Flexibility

  • Pilot Training Syllabus

    Pilot training is a highly skilled and professional education. Through the curriculum of this programme, candidates will be taught about various aspects of pilot training such as navigation, flight physiology and flight instruments etc. Pilot training course covers vocational subjects like,

  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Air regulation and navigation
  • basic flight Instruments
  • Forces acting on the aeroplane
  • Manoeuvring
  • flight training process
  • flight physiology
  • VOR Navigation
  • Stability and control
  • Approach and landing
  • Go Around factors
  • Normal & Cross Wind Take -off
  • solo flight and dual flights
  • Eight-on-Pylons
  • Power-off Stalls
  • Airframe
  • Aeromedical factor

  • Why is it important to Pilot Training School In Delhi?

    Pilot Training School In Delhi is the best place to get your pilot’s licence. The school has a great reputation and is known for its quality training. There are many reasons why it is important to have the best Pilot Training In Delhi. One reason is that the school has a great reputation. The school is known for its quality training and has been in business for many years. Another reason is that the school is located in Delhi, which is a major city in India. This means that there are many opportunities for pilots who graduate from the school. Finally, the cost of training at the school is very reasonable.

    CEA Aviation Training In india

    If you are looking for Best flying/ Pilot Training in Delhi then you have come to the right place. CEA Aviation provides extraordinary quality and facilities in countries like Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia and UK in terms of Commercial Pilot Training with best Flight Academies. CEA Aviation main target is to facilitate list of best flight schools abroad and offers training at low cost Flight Academy in New Zealand as well.

    CEA Aviation is experiencing unparalleled growth, creating unrivaled opportunities for student and teacher candidates in India in terms of conducting DGCA Ground Classes in Delhi. DGCA exams preparation will be undertaken through our professional expertise. CEA Aviation has partnership with Many Aviation Industries to ensuring candidates not only receive the extraordinary facilities but also have placement assistance to obtain unique international experiences.

    After completing the course, you will be fully prepared to take up a job as a commercial pilot with any airline. CEA Aviation Training in Delhi is the best place to start your aviation career!

    Courses Offered
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Multi Engine Rating (MER)
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Frozen ATPL (FATPL)
  • FAQs About Pilot Training In Delhi

    What Is Pilot Training?

    Pilot Training is a course of study used to learn how to fly an aeroplane. The Overarching goal of primary and intermediate flight instruction to develop and hone basic airmanship ability.

    What is the Cost of Pilot Training in Delhi?

    For a Commercial pilot licence with a multi- engine instrument rating, pilot training in Delhi costs around 35-40 lacs from a DGCA authorised respected flying school.

    How long does it take to become a Pilot?

    Physically, becoming a pilot should only take 3 to 4 years, the time it takes to get your Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight.

    What is the scope of Pilot Training in Delhi?

    After securing a licence, candidates get various career options to work as Co-Pilot, Flight Instructure, Commuter Pilot, Private Jet Pilot, or Commercial Pilot. The top pilot training recruiters are The Pilot Training salary in India is around Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 LPA to freshers.

    What Are The Entrance Exams For Pilot Training?

    Pilot training entrance exams are the Air Force Common Admission test (AFCAT), Indra Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) Entrance test, and aircraft maintenance engineering common entrance exam (AMT CET).

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