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CEA Aviation offers High-Quality CPL Ground Classes as per the DGCA exam pattern at an Affordable Fee. Our Highly Experienced Faculty believes in Conceptual learning. We offer both Offline & Live interactive Online Classes. Subjects – Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Air Regulations, Aircraft Technical.  

A good Pilot needs a thorough understanding of CPL ground subjects. This is required not only for passing exams but is also necessary for the safe conduct of flights. Every Instructor at CEA Aviation focuses on Concept-based training. Our Experienced Instructors make the journey much easier for students and teach them with live examples. This training will be really helpful while you are undergoing your Flight Training. Our course complies with the DGCA CPL exam syllabus and is backed by periodic exams, assignments, etc. We provide Ground school training up to the level of excellence.

DGCA Pilot Exams Preparation

» | Strategic Preparation : Our pilot training program is designed to be a rigorous yet rewarding process. Our team of expert instructors is dedicated to providing you with precise and effective methods to help you excel in the DGCA exams with confidence and ease.

» | Comprehensive Study Materials : At CEA Aviation, we are committed to providing you with the best tools and resources to support your learning journey. We ensure that you have access to high-quality study materials that are meticulously curated to help you prepare comprehensively and succeed in your aviation career.

Ground Classes : Overview

During our ground classes, you will have the valuable opportunity to interact with highly experienced instructors and engage in enriching discussions with your peers. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to encompass a wide range of essential subjects necessary for the CPL exams. Through a combination of engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and practical assignments, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the material.

We cover all the following subjects in the CPL Ground classes :

Course Description

Our Pilot Ground School provides a comprehensive and structured curriculum that forms a solid base for your future in aviation. Our experienced pilots, each specializing in specific subjects, are dedicated to ensuring that you are well-prepared to successfully pass the DGCA exams in the shortest time possible.

Here's what you can look forward to :

» | A Thoroughly Structured Curriculum : Our courses are meticulously designed to cover all DGCA exam subjects in-depth, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your exams.

» | Expert Mentorship : Our team of seasoned pilots offers unlimited counseling sessions, providing invaluable guidance to help you navigate the complexities of pilot training and offering insights based on their own experiences in the field.

» | Flexible Admission Options : We provide direct admission to aspiring pilots who wish to commence their training with ground school, allowing you to tailor your training to your individual needs and career goals.

Experienced pilots recommend completing ground studies before flying training. The DGCA allows 30 months to pass the ground school subjects and conducts quarterly exams in April, July, October, and January.

We offer comprehensive support to kick start your pilot career. Our team of experienced pilots specializes in preparing you to pass the exams quickly. Once you’ve passed the ground subjects, you can complete the required flying training of a minimum of 200 hours in around 6 months.

Eligibility Criteria

To pursue pilot training, you need to have completed 10+2 or its equivalent with at least 50% marks in Mathematics and Physics. If you don’t have Physics and Math in 10+2, you can take these subjects from the National Institute of Open Schooling’s On-Demand Examinations.

You must also have a Class II Medical (Indian) fitness certificate from a designated medical practitioner. Please note that a Class I Medical certificate would be necessary for the issue of a CPL License.

Additionally, you must be at least 16 years old to start pilot training. Your vision in one eye must be perfect (6/6 eyesight), while in the other eye, you could have an imperfection of 6/9, which must be correctable to 6/6. You must also be free of any disease that can hamper normal function.

We offer direct admission to all aspiring pilots who want to start with Ground training first. For more information please contact us

Course Description

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) examination is the first step that pilot aspirants should take before they start their flying training. Once the candidates register with us, they will receive unlimited counseling sessions to help them obtain their Computer Number and guide them in choosing the right flight school to complete the training requirements. The full course duration will be 12-24 months, depending on various factors. After completing the course, we will ensure that the candidates are well-prepared for the main exam by providing plenty of test experiences. The study materials required for preparation will be provided by the academy.

Computer Number :

To take the airmen examination with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and obtain an Indian DGCA license, each candidate needs to have a computer number. The computer number is a unique identifier used to create a file containing all the candidate’s details. This file needs to be approved by DGCA and serves as an individual record for each candidate.

Candidates should apply for a Computer Number as soon as they receive their mark sheet or pass certificate, along with verification’s of these documents from their respective education boards. It is advisable to obtain your Computer Number from DGCA before joining the school, as it will simplify future processes. Once a candidate enrolls with us for Ground Classes in all subjects, we offer full support for applying and obtaining the DGCA computer number.

Here Are The Steps To Obtain A Computer Number :

Log on to Pariksha

VISIT : and click on ‘New Candidate Registration’. Read the ‘INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES-FLIGHT CREW’.

Filling out the Form :

Password Generation :

Candidate Login :

Submitting the Hard Copy :

Admission Now Open

Take the first step towards your aviation career by enrolling in our ground classes. Admission is now open, so don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your journey to becoming a pilot. Get started today with CEA Aviation!


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