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Are you interested in advancing your aviation career? CEA Aviation offers a specialized training program in East Delhi that can help you improve your piloting skills and become an expert in Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). With this program, you can achieve your aviation goals and open up many opportunities in the aviation industry. Don’t miss this chance to take your career to new heights and succeed in your dreams!

What is Instrument Rating (IR) ?

The Instrument Rating (IR) is a highly sought-after certification that enables pilots to operate aircraft in accordance with the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). This rating empowers pilots to navigate and fly in challenging weather conditions and low visibility, thereby increasing their proficiency and ensuring safe air travel. With an IR rating, pilots can fly with a minimum decision altitude of 200 feet (60 m), providing ample opportunities for advanced flight operations. This certification is a must-have for pilots seeking to advance their skills and broaden their horizons in the aviation industry.

Why Choose IR Certification with CEA Aviation ?

» | Expert Instruction Curriculum : Learn from the guidance of our highly skilled instructors who possess extensive experience and expertise in the field of aviation. Our comprehensive training program covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring that you are fully prepared to excel in your IR certification exam.

» | Comprehensive Curriculum :Our IR certification training course offers a detailed study of all relevant areas and topics, providing you with a deep understanding of IFR procedures, navigation systems, and flight instrumentation. With hands-on training and simulation exercises, you’ll gain the confidence and proficiency needed to succeed as an instrument-rated pilot.

» | Industry-Leading Support : As the top-ranked training institute in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi, CEA Aviation is committed to your success. In addition to superior tutoring, we offer job support and interview preparation to help you advance your career in the aviation industry.

» | Personalized Attention : With small class sizes, we prioritize individualized instruction, allowing for one-on-one focus on each student’s learning needs. Our dedicated team of instructors and support staff is available 24/7 to address any challenges you may encounter along the way.

Who Can Benefit from Our Course ?

Our Instrument Rating (IR) certification training course is designed for aspiring pilots seeking to enhance their skills and advance their careers in aviation. Whether you’re a novice pilot or an experienced aviator looking to expand your qualifications, CEA Aviation provides the resources and support you need to achieve your goals.

Enroll Today !

Ready to take the next step towards becoming an instrument-rated pilot? Contact us today to learn more about our IR certification training course, including fees, duration, and class modes. Our expert counselors are available to assist you and provide further information on our extensive range of aviation training programs.

Course Description

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) examination is the first step that pilot aspirants should take before they start their flying training. Once the candidates register with us, they will receive unlimited counseling sessions to help them obtain their Computer Number and guide them in choosing the right flight school to complete the training requirements. The full course duration will be 12-24 months, depending on various factors. After completing the course, we will ensure that the candidates are well-prepared for the main exam by providing plenty of test experiences. The study materials required for preparation will be provided by the academy.


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Computer Number :

To take the airmen examination with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and obtain an Indian DGCA license, each candidate needs to have a computer number. The computer number is a unique identifier used to create a file containing all the candidate’s details. This file needs to be approved by DGCA and serves as an individual record for each candidate.

Candidates should apply for a Computer Number as soon as they receive their mark sheet or pass certificate, along with verification’s of these documents from their respective education boards. It is advisable to obtain your Computer Number from DGCA before joining the school, as it will simplify future processes. Once a candidate enrolls with us for Ground Classes in all subjects, we offer full support for applying and obtaining the DGCA computer number.

Here Are The Steps To Obtain A Computer Number :

Log on to Pariksha :

VISIT : and click on ‘New Candidate Registration’. Read the ‘INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES-FLIGHT CREW’.

Filling out the Form :

Password Generation :

Candidate Login :

Submitting the Hard Copy :

Admission Now Open

Admission Now Open

Take the first step towards your aviation career by enrolling in our ground classes. Admission is now open, so don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your journey to becoming a pilot. Get started today with CEA Aviation!

The Instrument Rating (IR) Course.

This is an additional rating to the license (PPL or CPL) and entitles the holder to fly an aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The privileges of an IR rating holder include flying aircraft under IFR with a minimum decision altitude of 200 feet (60 m).

You’ve set your goal. Now it’s time to join CEA Aviation’s BEST Instrument Rating     certification Training Course in East Delhi. 

Build knowledge and skills with CEA Aviation to propel your career.

CEA Aviation’s Training Course provides a comprehensive and in depth study of all the areas and related topics of the field. 

Who is the course aimed at?

This course will be beneficial for those interested in starting their career or wishing to augment their profile and increase employability.

Prepare with CEA AVIATION the best training in East Delhi.


First and foremost we have the most highly skilled trainers with the best  experience working in this field. 

Your training will cover not only working on theoretical knowledge but also the essential  practical skills.

CEA AVIATION is ranked the best Training institute in Laxmi Nagar East Delhi because along with the best tutoring, we also offer job support and interview preparation.

Boost your Career With CEA AVIATION the best Instrument Rating certification.   Training in East Delhi 

Training by Professionals: 

You will be trained by professionals who have 8+ years experience and extensive teaching expertise.

Problem Solving Team: 

At BIIT we have experts in all aspects and areas of Instrument Rating certification.

who are ready to help you with any  problems you may face 24×7.

Our small Batches provide one to one focus on each student.

CEA AVIATION for the best Institute for all your Aviation Training requirements in East Delhi.

For further information on this course including fees, duration and class mode, or any aspect of CEA Aviation’s extensive range of related training contact our office and speak with one of our expert counsellors.

What Benefit You Will Get From This Program


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