South Africa



South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is the southernmost country in Africa. With over 59 million people, It is a popular tourist destination, and a substantial amount of revenue comes from tourism. South Africa is the most preferred destination for Commercial Pilot Training Program. Commercial Pilot Training in South Africa would have an amazing experience and conversation of License is easy for Indian Students in India. Training meets DGCA all requirements. South Africa is giving you golden of opportunities to work as an instructor and build hours towards your ATPL. The cost of learning to fly may be low, but the pilot training is world-class. South Africa’s currency works to your advantage. In comparison to the UK, Europe, North America, and many other countries, the prices of most goods and services are very low.

Key Benefits

  • Graduates ready for immediate transition to jet airplane training
  • Efficient training in an environment that maximizes proficiency
  • Modern well equipped Aeroplanes and type-specific Flight Simulators
  • Most comprehensive Jeppesen based Airline Pilot ground school
  • Courses based on European EASA-FCL standards Courses

Subject: Structure of CPL(INDIA .D.G.C.A)

Course offered – C.P.L (AEROPLANE)

Course-specific – CPL with Multi-Engine with IR

Add on included in the package – Frozen ATPL

Course Details

Duration – 14 months

Licence Authority – S.A.C.A.A (

CPL Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Hold a valid class 1 medical certificate.
  • Hold a valid general certificate of proficiency in radio-telephony.
  • Hold a valid Private Pilot Licence.
  • Hold a Night Rating.
  • Show proof of English Language Proficiency.

A minimum of 200 hours total flight time, this includes:

  1. 100 hours PIC Single Engine 20 Hours Simulator
  2. 12 Hours Multi-Engine Dual
  3. 68 Hours Instruction Dual Single Engine


What Benefit You Will Get From This Program


Get Scholarship upto 50%