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What about our team ?

Experienced Faculty / Trainers.

All our training team have 8+ years of teaching and industry experience.

Everyone undergoes a stringent assessment process before starting as a coach with BIIT so you can be certain that you are in expert hands. Leading the way is our leadership team who set high standards for our company so that we can give you the best training experience. All our employees intend to create that Special bond between students and instructors which paves a way for finding suitable jobs successfully.

Experienced Trainers:

Having a good trainer can mean the difference between a memorable learning experience and one that doesn’t achieve your goals. As experts in their respective fields, our team have real world experience that they bring to the class room. They aim at raising the skill level of every student by going beyond the curriculum and including relevant examples and scenarios.

Evaluation and Assessment & Comprehensive Class Evaluations: :

Your trainer will offer a variety of resources to measure and assess your learning success. At BIIT your training team evaluates you continuously during the class to check your progress and to help you fill any gaps in understanding the course.