vision and mission

Our Vision and mission

What we want to do ?

In a few simple words CEA Aviation provides Wings To Your Dreams.

Here at CEA Aviation our aim is to provide exceptional quality Pilot Training Abroad.

For example, Commercial Pilot Training and Pilot cadet programmes in Canada as well as many other countries and
at the Best Flight Academies.

CEA Aviation provides the best opportunities in flight schools in The USA, New Zealand, South Africa and various alternative international centres.

Contact CEA Aviation today for more information about Training to become a pilot or employment in other sectors of the Aviation field World Wide.

CEA Aviation’s mission is to achieve unparalleled opportunities for students in India in terms of conducting DGCA Ground Classes, Ground training for DGCA exams for CPL through our professional expertise.

Moreover, we are in partnership with Many Aviation Industries, thus ensuring you not only receive the full training facilities but also have placement assistance to obtain unique international experiences.

Our professional and technical team will train train and mentor you based on your individual demands and needs.
We have successfully trained thousands of students who have now been placed in national and international Airlines.

We provide quality training at our partnered flight training centers across the globe with the target of benefiting candidates with cost effective and time effective training programmes devised specifically to meet all the requirements of the Indian DGCA.

Our dedication and focus towards training you speaks for itself as we have successfully trained 1000+ Indian commercial pilots, most of whom are currently flying with various airlines/companies across the world.