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CPL Ground Training Scholarships with CEA Aviation.

Gaining a Commercial Pilots License involves an intense training programme in which Aspiring pilots need to undergo ground training, simulator training and flying training to obtain the CPL.

CPL training course duration of 10-12 months includes academic sessions on the ground and 200 hours of flying training.

CPL is a pilots licence that permits the holder to fly an aircraft and be paid for their work.

CEA Aviation offers Scholarships for the BEST CPL Training Course in East Delhi.

Our Scholarships are allocated for the CPL Ground training course only and eligibility is based on on your 12th Class Physics, Maths and English Marks.

The Benefits of Getting a Scholarship

  • Today, CPL is essential if you want to get your wings, unfortunately it’s also expensive.
  • Most high school leavers look for financial assistance to embark on several years of training in order to achieve the career of their dreams.
  • In such a scenario, scholarships show up as the most desired form of financial help available because, unlike educational loans, you don’t have to repay them.
  • With CEA Aviation you can get scholarships on the basis of your 12th Class results, which gives added prestige your Resume.
  • Scholarship come with numerous other benefits.
  • Saves you from debt.
  • A scholarship helps in empowering academic and career goals by removing the financial barrier.
  • Improves performance.
  • Getting a scholarship takes away your financial concerns. Thus, it gives you more time to study, gain knowledge and secure certification. You get ample time to look for opportunities for skill development and knowledge enhancement.

We at CEA Aviation believe in providing scholarships of up to 50% on all courses offered for Online and Offline classes.

CEA Scholarship Details.

  • 12th Marks: Above 95%. Scholarship: 50% off
  • 12th Marks: Above 90%. Scholarship: 40% off
  • 12th Marks: Above 85%. Scholarship: 30% off
  • 12th Marks: Above 80%. Scholarship: 20% off
  • 12th Marks: Above 70%. Scholarship: 10% off

CEA Aviation finding more ways for you to get the knowledge and skills you need to become a qualified pilot.

CEA Aviation CPL Scholarships.

CEA Aviation’s Training Course includes a comprehensive and detailed study of every aspect of the subject.

Scholarships for This course will be beneficial for young aspiring pilots fresh from school, or anyone interested in augmenting and exploring alternative career opportunities to increase employability.

  • Prepare with CEA AVIATION the best training in East Delhi.
  • What the Scholarships offer.
  • Valuable financial assistance, Get Scholarship Upto 50%.
  • Coaching by the most highly skilled trainers with years of experience working in the field of Aviation.
  • Working on theoretical knowledge as well as the essential practical skills.

A Boost your Career path.

For more information on Our Scholarships and Training programmes contact our office.

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Get Scholarship upto 50%